Past Results*:


$9,619,323.47 Verdict for victim of a construction accident who fell five stories during the construction of the Time Warner Center.

$3,750.000.00 Verdict for victim of surgical malpractice relating to the diagnosis and treatment of suspected ovarian cancer.

$1,200,000.00 Settlement for victim of fall at construction site leading to spinal injuries.

$775,000.00    Settlement for victim of medical malpractice in the diagnosis and treatment of a cardiac infarction.

$415,000.00  Settlement for laborer who suffered a sever leg fracture requiring surgery and hardware after a workplace fall.

$385,000.00    Settlement for medical malpractice leading to cauda equina syndrome.

$350,000.00 Verdict for plaintiff in action for breach of employment contract.

$325,000.00  For victim of dental malpractice where dentist failed to timely diagnose a jaw tumor

$300,000 Verdict for laborer who lost the tip of pinky and ring finger in a band saw.

$250,000 Verdict for NYPD Officer who was struck by taxi while sitting in a parked police vehicle, suffering herniated discs in his back.

$225,000.00  Arbitration award for victim of hit and run driver who suffered spinal injuries.

$168,500.00    Settlement for patient who presented for removal of a benign cyst when the doctor made an incision in the wrong thigh.

$160,000.00  Settlement for victim of trip and fall due to negligently installed scaffolding resulting in ankle surgery.

$150,000.00 Settlement for victim who suffered a transected ureter during surgical procedure.

$150,000.00  Settlement for victim of trip and fall on a broken sidewalk resulting in hip surgery.

$135,000.00 Settlement for laborer who suffered a Lisfranc Fracture to his foot while handling panes of glass at a worksite.

$125,000.00 Settlement during trial for victim who was struck by a vehicle in a gas station parking lot causing a fractured pelvis.

$119,500.00 Settlement during trial for driver injured when defendant vehicle struck concrete/rebar highway median, causing median to collide with his vehicle.

$80,000.00 Verdict for pedestrian who was struck by a car and fractured her arm.

*past results are not a guarantee of future outcomes.
**The above is a sampling of the cases we have worked on for our clients.  Many results are unable to be listed due to the execution of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.