Business / Contract Litigation

When you face a lawsuit connected to your business, you need the help of an attorney who knows business. Attorney Jeffrey J. Schietzelt has been helping today’s businesses in New York City understand their legal rights and take the necessary measures to protect them. From disputes with employees to problems with customers, Attorney Schietzelt will work tirelessly to help you protect your interests as a business owner.

New York Contract Litigation Lawyer

Contract disputes are one of the most common types of legal case in today’s business world. The expectations, rights and obligations of the parties involved in a contract can be quite complex and lead to disagreements. While having a New York business lawyer on your side can help you craft clear, legal contracts, you still may face a situation where you need to go further, whether because of a disagreement or an outright breech of contract.

When those disagreements or breeches lead to litigation, you need the help of a New York business / contract litigation lawyer. Attorney Jeffrey J. Schietzelt is ready to help you better understand contracts and protect your rights and interests in a contract litigation situation. He will provide aggressive litigation as you protect your interests in the case.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Today’s Businesses

From setting up a new business structure to protecting yourself from liabilities, running a business brings many legal questions, and Attorney Jeffrey J. Schietzelt is ready to help you navigate these waters. With his support, you will be armed with the proper knowledge to make wise decisions for your business. When you face litigation, you will have a skilled litigation attorney on your side.

By providing aggressive litigation and personal attention to client needs for every client, Attorney Jeffrey J. Schietzelt is the New York business / contract litigation lawyer you want on your side. Contact him today at 212-557-1336 to schedule your consultation to learn how Mr. Schietzelt can help you achieve success with your business.