Employment and Non-Compete Litigation

Several years into the economic recovery, obtaining employment continues to be a struggle for many talented individuals. Adding to the problem is a certain propensity for wrongful discrimination on the part of several prominent employers. If you’ve been wronged during your search for work, you deserve assistance from a qualified New York employment / non-compete litigation lawyer. Attorney Jeffrey J. Schietzelt is just the man for the job, as he comes equipped with several years of litigation success, plus an uncanny ability to connect with clients.

When Is A New York Employment / Non-Compete Litigation Lawyer Required?

Today’s job environment is an employer’s market, and as such, many employers are taking advantage of their leverage by requiring prospective employees to sign non-compete agreements as a condition of employment.

Non-compete agreements were traditionally sought in fields, such as the technology sector, where the employee has access to critical company information or trade secrets that could do substantial damage in a competitor’s hands. However, more and more average employers are requiring non-compete agreements from their employees. These agreements must be taken very seriously as they could affect your ability to work in your field for a number of years.

Attorney Schietzelt has experienced success in both defeating non-compete agreements as invalid, and limiting the scope of non-compete agreements on behalf of employees.   If you have an issue regarding a non-compete agreement, give us a call. We can fight the validity of an existing agreement and/or help negotiate one that is less restrictive.

Attorney Jeffrey J. Schietzelt — Fighting For Wronged Employees

Jeffrey Schietzelt aims to provide a voice for those who, on their own, may not have the ammunition required to stand up to the employers who have wronged them. Whether the case involves an invalid non-compete contract or a blatant case of employee discrimination, this dedicated New York litigation lawyer is always willing to listen to client concerns and, more importantly, do his best to achieve a satisfactory resolution. As a wronged employee or prospective employee, you owe it to yourself to find an advocate who will actually stand up for your rights — and you’ll find such a friend in Attorney Jeffrey J. Schietzelt.