Real Estate Litigation

Between tenant-landlord disputes, issues with construction and a whole host of other problems relating to the realm of housing, it’s important to have a New York real estate litigation lawyer willing to act as an advocate. Attorney Jeffrey J. Schietzelt strives to be a voice of reason acting on your behalf, no matter the nature of your real estate issue.

Common Real Estate Issues And How A New York Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Can Help

In the aftermath of the housing crisis, real estate legal qualms are unfortunately common. Foreclosures are especially typical, with many people losing their property due to unfair lending practices. Renters similarly face issues when dealing with landlords eager to make a profit — even if it means throwing tenants under the bus. In any real estate situation, attorney Jeffrey J. Schietzelt is prepared to offer his expertise. The goal is always to help clients minimize any risk of litigation, as this can eventually lead to future housing problems. However, if a visit to court is necessary, Jeffrey Schietzelt is prepared to stand by your side. His vast courtroom expertise, combined with a thorough knowledge of the real estate industry, give you the ammunition to come away from your current situation unscathed.

Attorney Jeffrey J. Schietzelt: Offering Legal Expertise And A Sympathetic Ear

Jeffrey Schietzelt understands just how frustrating the world of real estate can be, whether you’re a renter, landlord or a homeowner. As such, he’s willing to listen to your concerns and more importantly, do whatever it takes to ensure a satisfactory resolution to your real estate problems. No matter the nature of your current real estate situation, you owe it to yourself to find an attorney who actually cares about your wellbeing. With his caring attitude and history of excellence in law, Jeffrey J. Schietzelt is just the man for the job.